CV in English

Ceramic Sculptor

Susanna Paavola-Lehtinen














I am Ceramic Sculptor from Vaasa, Finland. Born in 1959.My vocational education is Master of Economics. I graduated from the Universitof Vaasa in 1987. I have started Ceramics work in 1978 by utilizing trainingcourses. I have also done a lot of self-studying and participated in ceramicsindustry events as well as study trips. I have my own Ateljè in my hometown andhave also an exhibit context, called Ateljé 3.

I am a Member of Vaasa Artists' Association and a member of Finnish Visual Arts Organization. I have participated in numerous collective national exhibitions and has also a lot of own solo exhibitions in different parts of the Finland and Estonia. Togetherwith my husband, Harri Lehtinen, we have done almost 20 exhibitions together. In Estonia, Pärnu Vasa Park is also a wood sculpture, which I made together with my husband.

I prefer the subject areas that include human figures and animals. Inparticularly birds and horses. The best source of inspiration for works, however, is my lively and unlimited imagination.

 My work is highly stylized and humorous, sometimes even primitive. In my workI want to keep the clay naturally beautiful and finish it the way that brings out the material and give the work a vivid impression.

 Fresh colors, in turn, create a cheerful impression. By my work I will try to bring a positive attitude to life and a little bit of humour too.